A 30 year marketing veteran, 18 years entertainment and with over 30 years in volunteering for mutable charities.  Cindy, offers expert advice and insight into the latest trends in marketing, strategic planning, go-to-market strategy, and leadership. Cindy is a key networking contact for all branding efforts and marketing programs to create interest, demand and recognition. She has experienced a successful, internationally recognized career now as an CEO/Executive Producer EPIC LIFESTYLE EVENT,LLC. with Image Rock Live Fashion ans Taste Of Speed, LLC..  As Cindy continues as an Actress, Host, , Professional Personal Trainer and a holds title USA as NPC Figure Competitor.  Cindy “RODEO” Steedle is known for her Hardcore Fitness Training checkout site HARDBODY360.

Launching AUGUST 2018, she brings to Atlanta and across America CINDY RODEO COLLECTION, INC. She brings her product to “lift the spirit” in times of celebration, when comfort is needed, or just to put a smile on someone’s face… It’s my ultimate mission. With that said I’m delighted to bring to you… • Home Decor • Fashion • Giving Gifts To Lift Spirits…..This will bring a mindset to be empowered by inspiration.  As she shares her secret products and with her NEW Jewlrey Collection handmade personally by Cindy “RODEO” Steedle.  This will sure to bring good energy while staying motivated with a positive attitude. That will helpand give everyone a new attitude to concur all.

Cindy continues to make a difference as a CEO / Executive Producer of EPIC LIFESTYLE, LLC. Experiential Events, responsible for the oversight and coordination for Image Rock Live Fashion Show and Taste of Speed; from its initial concept to the management of staff and vendors.

In addition, I was responsible for creating partnerships with key luxury National brands and raising $105,000 in sponsorship funding from 61 sponsors for Taste of Speed and Image Rock Live Fashion Show.

As Cindy continues to make an impact in the state of Georgia.  She has taken on the role as the Vice Present over THE STABLES MOTOR CONDOS with the Marketing and the Event Center. Soon the project will breck ground in fall 2018.  This is ATLANTA’S FIRST LUXURY AUTOMOTIVE STORAGE CONDOMINUMS, The Stables Motor Condos will be a resort-like country club for car collectors and motorsports enthusiasts. Designed as a true destination offering a combination of entertainment, retail and dining experiences within an automotive-focused, multi-use environment.

Cindy has also been a Coordinator Ambassador for many national brands such as Mercesdes Benz USA, AUDI, LEXUS, Ford, Toyota to name a few. Also, with VPX Sports, Veris Beauty Products, J.R. Revelry Bourbon USA Brand, CURE Childhood Cancer, BURT’S BIG Adventures, CAMP TWIN LAKES Foundation and Save The Horses Foundation and Longhorn Steakhouse just to name a few.

Cindy’s fame is still growing even still today in other countries worldwide. Cindy’s roles on the VH1 and 51Minds Reality Shows being viewed worldwide, Cindy’s still catching her fans hearts today! Cindy never lets her notoriety get in the way of being a loving mother to her son and always puts him first.

Cindy has enjoyed working in film, as well, most using her notably passions to produce Taste Of speed Luxury Lifestyle Jet Port Experience Event to raise awareness for Foundations each year. She’s become a well rounded Entrepreneur Business Woman.